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Homework aims to:

  • help provide a llink between school and home and enable parents to keep in touch with their child's work;
  • enable students to consolidate work already taught;
  • enable student to prepare for future work;
  • develop in students habits of self-directed reading and home study;
  • stimulate recreational interests and activities and the creative use of leisure time.


Homework is valuable because it:

  • strengthens home-school links;
  • allows for  practising, extending and consolidating work done in class;
  • teaches students how to plan and organise their time;
  • extablishes habit of study, concentration and self-discipline which will serve students for the rest of their lives;
  • reaffirms the role of parents as partners in educaiton;
  • provides parents iwht insights into what is being taught in the classroom and the progress of their children;
  • challenges and extends gifted and talented children