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Visiting the School

As a school with over 600 students there are many reasons for visitors.  It is important to note that teachers and students do appreciate parents assisting wiht so many of the class activities.  Also, children may need to be collected for appointments or have their lunch money or lunch delivered.

However, as the signs on the entrance doors indicate, all visitor (parents, relative, friends, trades people) must have a legitimate reason to be on school premises.  All visitors must present to the shcool office and indicate the purpose of their visit.

In this way, disruption to student learning time can be minimised and all visitors accounted for as a security measure.

Continued parent cooperation with this matter is appreciated.

Lunch or money and messages should be left at the office and these will be delivered at the appriate break.  Students who are to be collected for an appointment will be sent by the class teacher  to the office area at the time requested and parents can then sign the student out of school at the required time.  Parents are reminded of the necessity to provide the class teacher with a note regarding the details of the appointment ahead of time.  Similarly, teachers are alwasy happy to meet with parents but request that an appointment be made in advance by calling or sending a note.